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The beaches in Tillamook, OR offer something special for every type of beachgoer.  Whether you're digging for clams, flying a kite, riding a horse along the shore, or taking in some of Oregon's best sunsets you're sure to find a beach activity to please every member of your group.



Tillamook's artists organize a downtown Art Walk once a month, and throughout the entire month you may discover art galleries presenting local artists, workshops, classes, and experiential chances to learn about our arts culture firsthand.


Cattle in Pasture

Tillamook has a rich cultural heritage that includes dairy farming, the railroad, textiles and quilting, logging, the military, and more. Discover one of the largest standing wooden constructions in the world as well as the only quilt path in the northwest. Discover more about the history of Tillamook, the US Coast Guard's rescue operations, and more.


Cheese and Olives

It is essential to stop and sample it while visiting Tillamook. Tillamook is elevating the coast-to-table eating experience with its fresh-smoked meats, artisan cheeses, veggies grown right here in the Tillamook valley, and, of course, seafood foraged from our rivers, bays, and ocean.


Tillamook Creamery

Located less than a mile from the Ashley Inn of Tillamook is the home of all things dairy. Visit the Tillamook Creamery Center for great food, ice cream and cheese! A staple of the area since 1909. A must visit when in the area, I mean it is Tillamook after all.


Seafood Pasta

With countless things to do in Tillamook, the last thing you want to do is prepare meals. When staying at The Ashley Inn, there are many wonderful dinners that are both healthful and luxurious, as well as original dishes produced with fresh ingredients from the region. Explore the fine dining Tillamook has to offer just minutes away from The Ashley Inn.


Beer being poured into a glass

Some of the most well-known and distinctive breweries in the area are located in Tillamook. Visit the brewery, sample some limited editions, and sample some Tillamook-inspired ales.


Kayaking at Sunrise

Tillamook, which means "land of many waters," is especially fitting. If your favorite activity includes the water, this is the location for you because there are multiple lakes, five major rivers, two bays, and the Pacific Ocean close by. Welcome to the country of many seas, where you can go swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding, boating, floating, or even surfing.


Woman Shopping

Discover the greatest locations for antiques, home décor, gifts and mementos from the seashore or restored vintage furniture. Local boutiques and specialty shops abound throughout Tillamook County. Come in and bring a bit of Tillamook home with you.

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